Does your bedroom spark joy?


With South Africa still living with COVID restrictions, our homes and bedrooms are a safe haven for many of us. Spending more time at home makes the organisation of a bedroom even more important and we are here to provide some tips on how to transform a bedroom into a calming, inviting space. If you find yourself throwing your clothes or things anywhere you can find a free spot, then following these organisational tips could give you just the bedroom makeover you need.

While you may be used to your clutter and know where everything is this way, you may not realise just how much stress you are adding to your day. More clutter means more stress and, with a disorganised space, it is going to be virtually impossible for you to truly be relaxed. This will hinder your recharge as we, as humans, are constantly processing our environment and you will be deep-down aware that, at some point, you will need to clean up your space.

Here is how to create an organised bedroom that’s good for mind and soul:

Make your bed every morning

Seems like a bit of a cliché, but making your bed can do more than merely make your room look cleaner and more organised. It also produces a feeling of accomplishment. This efficient start to the day can trickle into the rest and encourage you to accomplish more tasks as the day goes on.

Good bedding and clean, fresh sheets are a good start. When you can jump into a bed that feels good on your body, it’s easier to relax into the night. When we spend eight or more hours in bed every day, it is essential to invest in items that support our sleep.

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Declutter your space

Think minimalism. When we possess so many things and scatter them everywhere, we also have more random places to put things. For instance, if you have a random armchair that you often don’t sit on but becomes an area for clothes, get rid of it. Take out the furniture you don’t use and leave the space free. This way you can reduce the clutter, reduce the mess and work on placing things in a more organised manner.

Have a designated spot for everything

When you put your wallet here, your keys over there and your shoes in that corner, the mess is spread out and creates more chaos than you might realise. Have a place for everything you own and do your best to stick to it. When you can establish routines with your possessions, the process becomes unconscious and you no longer need to create stress looking for things you can’t find. Keep it simple!

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Cluttered walls

Are you someone who fills your walls up with everything you love? Just as mentioned before, this may be something you should keep out of your bedroom due to needing to process too much with your eyes. While you may be used to your decorations, our minds still need to process everything that is going on around us. If you need some art pieces, stick to soothing colours and simple pieces of art.

Creating an organised bedroom is important for mental health and stress levels, and is key to creating a calming sleep environment.

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