• Your monthly premium is built into your Credit Agreement.
  • If you pass away, you will leave behind happy memories, not debt.
  • If your items are lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair, the amount owed will be settled by Abacus. (See FAQ's for more detail)
  • In the event of a claim, the process is simple.



These are some of the first concerns people have:

Goods Cover

Q: What happens if my purchase is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair?
A: On the Basic Goods Cover, the amount that is owed in terms of your Credit Agreement on the date of your lost, stolen, or damaged-beyond-repair item will be settled by Abacus. If you have Comprehensive Goods Cover, Abacus will replace the goods with the same or similar goods.

Q: If replaced, will my goods be returned with one of the same capability and value?
A: Yes, your goods will be replaced with the same or a similar product.


Life Cover

Q:What happens if I pass away, become disabled or experience a loss of qualifying income?
A: Basic Life Cover covers the amount outstanding on your Credit Agreement. If you have Comprehensive Life Cover, then Abacus shall use the amount to first settle any amount still owed in terms of the Credit Agreement upon the date of your death, disability, or loss of qualifying income. Any remaining amounts will be paid to your beneficiary.



Q: How quickly will goods or cellular phone claims be processed?
A: Claims submitted with all supporting documentation will be processed by Abacus Insurance within 5 days from the date all claim documentation is received. In the case of repairs, this turnaround time excludes the actual repair by the appointed agent

Q: Will I have to fill out a lot of paperwork if I need to claim?
A: No, only 1 (one) form. The claims process is simple and easy. It can also be done on the phone through our call centre.

Q: How many times can I claim?
A: Insurance claims are limited to a maximum of 3 (three) losses of the goods or cellular phone during the term of the Credit Agreement.