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About Us

Our History

For over 20 years Sleepmasters has developed expertise in providing customers with the best quality beds, bedsets and mattresses at unbeatable value. Bensons for Beds has been operating under the Steinhoff umbrella since 1994 and Sleepmasters is one of its successful brands which operate within Bensons for Beds in the United Kingdom (UK). In 2011, the new Bensons for Beds business was launched, merging the existing Bensons for Beds, Sleepmasters and Bed Shed brands under one umbrella. Bensons for Beds now has over 270 stores nationwide and wished to take the brand into Africa.

In 2014 the JD Group identified an under traded gap in the bedding space and realized there was room in the market for beds in South Africa. Under Steinhoff's guidance, leveraging off the UK expertise, knowledge and product offering a decision was taken to enter into this market.

After intensive research it was decided in 2015 that JD would convert one of its G2 brands, the Electric Express brand to become Sleepmasters, the bedding experts in Africa. Sleepmasters simultaneously replaced Slumberland as JD Group’s bedding house brand.

The Sleepmasters range of beds is manufactured by KAP Bedding and the Bravo Group, so it is backed up by reputable suppliers and can be sold with confidence.

The chain aims to offer the customer an affordable and exclusive range of bedding products for a better night's sleep. Our trained staff will be able to give the customer the best advice, to ensure that they are happy with their products.


Sleepmasters offers you an Affordable and Exclusive range of bedding products for a better night's sleep.

Mission and Philosophy

At Sleepmasters we want our customers to feel comfortable in our stores, comfortable with our people, comfortable with the choices they have made, the price they are paying and most important of all comfortable in their new bed.