Choosing the right size bed for you.


With the current environment we are living in, the stress and pressure from everyday life and work have changed. We may be working from home more or we may be slowly making our way back to the office. Whichever situation we are in as individuals, the importance of good, relaxing sleep remains important.

You may wish to change your mattress or your entire bed due to a change in your lifestyle or even a change of scenery. You may even consider sizing up purely for the sake of adding luxury and a new look to your bedroom. The reasons for choosing a specific size bed are many – there are considerations on health, room space, individual taste in comfort and more.

Sleepmasters has a wide range of beds and mattresses in different styles and sizes exactly for this reason. Choose the level of comfort you need or physically require due to health. Then choose the size that fits the room you sleep in as well as the stylish effect you wish to have.

You definitely do not need to do the maths or start working out the cubic spaces to get the right fit for your room – use our Bedfinder  to assist you in all your decision-making. We have made it easy for you to choose between the gamut of sizes so you have more options than merely single or double. We also have comfort levels, created in collaboration with scientific researchers and medical experts to have the exact comfort you, your body and your sleeping patterns require.

Having the perfect fit in comfort and size does not mean you need to settle with style – our ranges or offered in a selection of designs for any taste or home décor preference.

Follow the advice from the Sleep Experts – consult the Bedfinder and simply browse the style you like and we will deliver to your doorstep. Happy sleeping.