Start the season off on the right side of the bed for healthy sleep


We are changing seasons right now and, although it may be a delight for most to get into spring, this can affect our sleep.

Our bodies will naturally react to these changes and the season also brings along hindrances that prevent good sleep - ask anyone who has spent a night with a tiny mosquito in their bedroom for hours on end!

We are not experts in nature and insects, but we know how to secure a good night's sleep. First, invest in a proper mattress and bed to get a good head-start into health and relaxation. When you have determined the perfect size and comfort level for you, it is easier to prepare your bedroom for the challenges of spring and summer, and we have a few guidelines to assist you:

  • Choose a mosquito net that covers over the edges of your bed, especially if you are in a Malaria high-risk area.
  • Further to protecting yourself, you may want to ward off insects - choose a repellent for your circumstances: scented lotions or electronic devices geared for this purpose.

Along with elements that may interrupt your sleep, the season also triggers changes in the body. The shorter nights and warmer temperatures may affect your sleeping pattern. To allow your body to relax deeply and feel refreshed, look into natural fibres in your linen and bedspreads. Good quality cotton helps the body breathe and regulate natural temperatures during sleep.

Choosing the right comfort level for you also means the surface of your bed is cooler, not sagging and capturing more heat. The rule of thumb is to have as much natural air for breathing and blood circulation while maintaining a healthy pressure on the body, keeping the joints and spine aligned. 

To aid this alignment, the use of proper pillows will give adequate support while again allowing natural airflow and moderate temperatures around the temples and head. Choose the type of support that keeps your body aligned and airways open - easy breathing and ample oxygen are important for blood circulation. Also, test pillows for potential reactions you may experience; you may favour the texture and firmness of natural fibres or need to choose from a hollow fibre comfort range to avoid adverse reactions.

The same applies to duvets inners or other covers you may prefer. Choose the options that gives the right amount of temperature regulation while allowing natural airflow. This will depend on your environment, the temperature of your room as well as your personal preference. Whichever fabric or inner you favour, remember that the entire body is covered in skin that needs to breathe. Ensuring the breathability of fabrics in your covers and bedding inners gives you better relaxation and protect the mattress and linen you sleep on, avoiding over-perspiration during sleep.

With Sleepmasters, you are assured of mattresses, beds, and linen that cater to relaxed sleeping and your taste in beauty and style.