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Sku: 000000000010106793
R4 999
Sleepmasters Essentials Twin Pack Hollow Fibre Pillows

Add a Sleepmasters Essentials Twin Pack Hollow Fibre Pillows

1 x R149

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120 Night Sleep Happy Guarantee

Your new bed will take time to adjust to your body and we require you to sleep on it for a minimum of 30 nights to allow for the adjustment period

Product Information

Don't lose any sleep about finding a Plush bed at a great price! The Sleepmasters Sydney has a double spring unit plus a generous Pamper Top providing Plush back support.  The Sleepmasters Corner To Corner Comfort technology provides additional support on the edge of the mattress so that you can sleep comfortably on the entire mattress surface. Ideal for Back and Side sleepers.