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Why Choose Sleepmasters

The Bed Experts are in town


At last a better night’s sleep!  Now you can have a better night’s sleep with the new and exciting Sleepmasters store opening in your area. Sleepmasters is one of the UK’s top bedding brands since 1994 andthe great news is that Sleepmasters is opening in your area soon!


What makes Sleepmasters different?

Sleepmasters offers a range of well-known, quality bedding brands like Edblo, Sleepmasters, Restonic and Sealy with an easy-to-follow 6 step process for choosing a bed. Here’s how it works: Sleepmasters stores feature a special “Comfort Zone” where customers can test the comfort level that suits their body. The three choices are Firm, Gentle and Plush. Once you’ve discovered your comfort level, it’s easy to follow their colour coded beds selection to find the bed that suits your budget and brand preference. Once that’s decided, you select the bed size that fits your budget arrange payment and delivery, on your way to a better night’s sleep.


Sleepmasters offer a same-day delivery service so you can sleep better that very night. Because a new bed is a big investment, Sleepmasters offers four payment options: On credit with an RCS card, lay-by, credit card or cash.